What to do and what to eat in the Neptun resort

By Cristina Radu

Let’s say you are in Neptun. It does not matter if you are here just for a few hours or if you will stay here for 3 days, maybe even 7 days. It’s not the end of the world, it could be worse! If you are here for the first time, or if you want to come here for the first time, you need to know a few tips and tricks to improve your holiday.

The Passionate Photographer

Maybe you are a professional photographer. Maybe it’s just a hobby or maybe you just want to post a photo on Facebook. The amusement park(it’s just one, the resort is small, you will find it without too much effort) is the perfect destination during the day and night.


The best beach is “Why not beach” and lies between Neptun and Jupiter. The beach is so well organized that you have the impression that you’re in an exotic place!

The Pizza Addict

If you want to eat a good pizza, please, don’t make the mistake of ordering from Springtime just because it’s a cheap pizza. You will be much happier if you buy a frozen pizza and you will leave it in the sun while you are trying to tan. Go where the pizza is made on the hearth. It is between 20 lei and 30 lei, but at least you feel like you are eating a pizza… that tastes like pizza.

Steak and Traditional Live Music?

Surprisingly, you can find that too. It is right next to the entrance of the amusement park. It is impossible not to notice this terrace, because the smoke of the barbeque extends far enough and the music is quite loud. Instead, you may have a problem if you will sit down like a normal human at the table and you will wait for the waiter to come and take your order because the food will be cold (or at least that was the situation in our case). Maybe if you will go first at the barbeque corner and buy directly from there, the food will be warm. And after that you will sit at the table and eat.

Food For All Tastes

In Neptun… NO! You’d better go to Jupiter at Four Seasons. Prices are good and the food feels like heaven in your stomach! The steak is good, the pizza is good (it’s made on the hearth), absolutely everything is good!

What NOT to do in Neptun

Do not take pictures with people that are dressed in mascots like Mickey Mouse! It is not even worth paying attention to those people who are destroying the image of a character loved by everyone, by their attitude.

Cristina Radu

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