“Vila Corviniană” | Hunedoara

By Cristina Radu

I took my luggage and I got on one of the buses that were in the front of the bus depot on which was written “Hunedoara”. I paid 9lei (2euros) for the thicket and we left.

I got down at the last station from Hunedoara, more exactly at the former train station. You can find it on google maps as “Gara CFR Hunedoara”. From there, I walked almost 20 minutes to the most spectacular accommodation from Hunedoara, “Vila Corviniana”.

When I arrived, I was so happy to stand in front of that beauty.

The Reception

In the reception area, there were a lot of high and curved doors, something that I saw only in movies. They were like a portal to the restaurant. Right next to the enter zone, was a vintage sofa that was looking incredible! I just couldn’t sit on it. I was too afraid that I would take its brilliance. In front of it were window dressers, one more beautiful, decorated and bigger than the other.

The Royal Hallway

After I signed the paper work and I paid, I got into a little hallway that was prettier than every hallway that I ever saw. Sofas, chairs, dressing table, mirror, enormous curtains… I was so impressed that I almost wanted to switch my room with it.

The Royal Floor

When I was sure that nothing can surprise me anymore, at the end of the stairs, I saw a grand entrance that had over 4 meters height and a long hallway, designed in the same style as the one that stole my heart. The entrance to each room was realized by the doors of the same height and grandness.

Room No. Two

For the first time in my life when I booked on booking.com, I requested a specific room. The luck was in my right pocket and I received exactly that room!

I had room number two, two being my lucky number when I am travelling. I couldn’t believe when I saw that my door has only 2 meters height. Well, you can’t have it all in life, right? But when I entered, my legs fall asleep worse than when I was at the supermarket and I had to pay 2 times more than I was expecting… The room had over 4 meters height and the windows, 3 at number, had exactly the same height.

The wardrobe was more noble than the noble itself. It was standing in its corner of glory and its mirror doors, actually made me do that precisely reservation for that room. The bed was made from massive wood carved and was worthy of at least a true queen. Also, it was making an unparalleled team with the vintage lamps and the vintage cabinet in front of him. The sofa, the unique chairs and the cabinet that was perfectly hiding the mini-bar, did nothing but complete in a harmonious way the decor.

I felt like I won at the lottery!

P.S. Is there someone who remembers that I spent a lot of time cooking, the day before I went on vacation? Well, when I finally sat down at a table and took the first spoonful of mashed potatoes, I had the great pleasure of convincing myself that it was sour! And that’s not all! No, no, no! My rice with vegetables was also sour! Thanks God, my crispy potatoes were still edible.

Cristina Radu

Hi! I'm Cristina, I'm 23 years old and I live in Bucharest. I collect antiques, I love cats and I want to live in a castle in France.

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