The Sculptural Ensemble of Constantin Brâncuși | Târgu Jiu

By Cristina Radu

I have to admit that I went in Târgu Jiu with businesses. What can I do if they don’t have castles?! Anyway, I couldn’t miss the greatest treasures of this city, and in the same time, of this country.

The 3 sculptures included in “The Sculptural Ensemble of Constantin Brâncuși” were created by the most famous Romanian sculptor, Constantin Brâncuși, as a tribute to the Gorjian heroes who fell on the battlefield during the First World War.

The Gate of Kiss

Although many people think that The Gate of Kiss was made for kissing under it, while someone else captures this moment through a picture, is not like that. The main purpose is represented by the passing into another life, full of symbolism and meaning, and its form as the Arch of Triumph symbolize the triumph of life against death. When you know all this information, you can’t think anymore of a passionate kiss under it, right?

The Table of Silence

The Table of Silence is as deep in meaning as The Gate of Kiss. The time makes sense through the 12 chairs (12 hours) in form of an hourglass and trough their circular position. In the same time, is represents the meal before the battle that ultimately means the reunion of a family and meditation. It’s also said that the 12 chairs would in fact embodies the 12 apostles, and the table on Jesus Himself.

The Endless Column

The Endless Column is the central piece of this ensemble, reveling the endless gratitude towards the Romanian soldiers. The geographic location is not a coincidence. It is separated by the other 2 through the Hero’s Path street.

P.S. Something spicy and surprising about Brâncuși’s life is his endless love towards Maria Tănase. “I would be able to carve a grandiose bird for every song of ours.”, he said to her, while she said that he was the only man that she’d ever truly loved.

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