Storytime: 2 euros for a picture

By Cristina Radu

I was in the Neptun resort,  around 10 o’clock in the evening and I was leaving from amusement park with 5 kids to the apartments where we were staying in. On our route appeared two mascots, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The first reaction of the little kid was to embrace Minnie.

“Let’s go guys, the picture will costs you 2 euros and will be ready in just 1 minute!”  Mickey appear and says one second later.

In my mind it sounded like a joke because I had the camera in my hand. Why would I have given 2 euros to take a picture of them? I told them politely that we did not have money, but they completely ignored me, and they started gathering all the children under the pretext that they did not accept a refusal.

From behind me, a guy with DSLR camera appears. I was seeing in my mind how they will react after they will realize that they did all this things for nothing. The photographer started to take pictures and he said that I can take pictures with my camera. Okay… I turned on the camera, I took two pictures, the photographer took two more pictures and he disappeared. After that, Mickey take his mask down, which he puts only when the photographer appears. That seemed to me offensive to the popularity of the characters and for the people who actually pay that money for pictures. The dialogue between me and him was really a pleasure.

“Who pays?” Mickey said.

“What do you mean? I told you that we don’t have money.” I said.

“What?! I understand that the children don’t have money, but you?” he said very stirred.

“She’s our sister.” one of the children said.

“Sister? How old are you?” Mickey asked me very amazed.

“I am 19 years old” I said.

“They have no money … she’s their sister, not their mother.” Mickey said to Minnie.

… Their mother? No … when I checked last time, I did not have children.

“And where are your parents?” he said calmly, trying to get his money for the picture.

“At the restaurant” one of the children said.

“Ok. I know how we can do it. You go to your parents to take money and you go back and take the picture.” Mickey said very confident.

“We told you from the beginning that we have no money, it’s not our fault that you did not understand.” one of the children said.

And we left(with a maximum panic related to the fact that he could return, eventually kidnap us and beat us until we give him the 2 euros).

Cristina Radu

Hi! I'm Cristina, I'm 23 years old and I live in Bucharest. I collect antiques, I love cats and I want to live in a castle in France.

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