International Street Theater Festival | The Second Week

By Cristina Radu

Based on my intuition I chose to go at the second week of “International Street Theater Festival”. What does it mean? I saw, on the event’s official Facebook page, listed locations as George Enescu Square – Revolution Square – University Square – Cismigiu Park – Lipscani Street and I was one hundred percent sure that is a long street that begins with the first location and ends with the last one. Of course, on the both sides of the road there are actors performing plays. After all, it is street theater, right?

I was so sure that I didn’t check the details and at 7 o’clock in the evening I was at George Enescu Square, waiting for the show, proud of myself that I got there just in time. All that had begun was the dust that gathered and danced with the wind. No trace of people. So I checked the event’s Facebook page to see what’s going on. Definitely, it was not the first time when the event is canceled and I didn’t notice until I got there. Surprise, surprise! Actually, there were different artistic moments on different locations. Not even close of what I imagined.

Caged Foam

I went straight to “Caged Foam” on Lipscani street. There were so many people out there! I scarcely was able to sneak through the crowd and make some photos. I didn’t understand very clear what is going on. Lucky me! I found a mini book with all the shows and I went to the next place.

Discovery Planetario

“Discovery Planetario” seemed to be a more attractive moment than the last one. I could see space missions, celestial phenomena, the evolution of the first unicellular beings and many others projected at the whole dome’s surface. I was so excited about that new experience! Unfortunately, there were more than 150 people waiting in line and it was already 8 o’clock. And according to the schedule, it was the time when that show should end. I took a few photos and I moved to Cismigiu Park.

When I finally got there, someone told me that the children events from that day, were canceled. I don’t know why I wanted to go at the children’s corner, but I know that I was really disappointed.

I was all alone, without any shows, so I bought myself an ice cream with chocolate and coconut from the ice cream machine by the lake. When I’m thinking about it now, I still have butterflies in my stomach. I don’t go often to Cismigiu Park, but I hope that next time I will find the ice cream machine to sweeten my visit.

I went to the bus, amused by the difference between my imagination and the reality. I was completely determined to go back on the fourth week to see every single show!

Cristina Radu

Hi! I'm Cristina, I'm 23 years old and I live in Bucharest. I collect antiques, I love cats and I want to live in a castle in France.

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