International Street Theater Festival | The Fourth Week

By Cristina Radu

I chose to prepare myself by the book for the fourth week of “International Street Theater Festival”! I studied the program. I noted every show in chronological order. I chose the ones that I wanted to be no matter what and I got on the bus.

Bubble Street Cirkus

In the first day, I started with Bubble Street Cirkus, an artistic moment of balancing and juggling, presented by Juriy Longhi at Odeon Theater Square. I arrived there earlier and I had the opportunity to see how the main character is getting ready. Then I realized that beyond a hard physical work, half of that work was based on perfect acting. I don’t know what acting lessons did Juriy Longhi, but I’m in! Overall, the moment was full of surprises for children and adults!


The second stop was at Kretzulescu Park, where a visual poetry named Passage was unfolding. I woke up in the middle of the performance! I was surrounded by 2 old men and 2 old ladies on stilts and a spectacular background! It was love poetry, a tumultuous one with a tumultuous and happy ending.

The Cries of Paris

At 8 o’clock in the evening I got quickly to Lipscani Street for my third stop, “The Cries of Paris”, a representation from “Masca” Theatre. I admired every character, from the matches seller to the street lamp lighter and up to laundrywoman. All the actors hidden emotions, all their gesture, all their cries filled up my soul and every part of my body with a powerful emotion. For a few minutes, I got lost in their stories and I felt honored to be there.

The Parade

After that sensitive moment, I went to see the parade. And as much as I waited for, the more I loved it and hated it in the same time. I loved every artist included in that parade, and I hated every person who, instead of staying in a place and enjoying the whole concept, ran and stood behind his favorite artists. It was an issued organization, but I still hate those people because I can’t take a single picture without them in the background. I left in the middle of the show and I promised myself that the next day I will be back and I will see every artistic moment separately.


Right after the parade, started the first ample Romanian production with giant mechanical puppets. When I saw the word “giant”, I was thinking at 2 meter high. But no! The puppets were having four-to-seven meter high. It was something new for me and I enjoyed every second of it! The actors were beyond every expectation. I felt all their passion running through their bones and through my skin, which immediately broke out into goosebumps.

Batucada from Canary Island

In the second day, I came back ready to see every artistic moment separately as I promise. I started with Butucada from Canary Island where its members were making a powerful noise with their drums. As I approached them, I felt more and more the sound of the drums directly in the stomach and the energy with which they were beating in those drums. It was a short moment when the boys moved forward fast and a man recommended to his wife to climb a window sill to get a better picture. She refused, so without thinking too much, I got up and started shooting and feeling- from just a few centimeters- what I felt from a few yards away. If that moment was not intensive, then I don’t know what it can be!  For me it was the most intense moment in the theater festival.

Les Lilas

I moved quickly to Les Lilas, those beautiful cabaret dancers. I followed every move and I fill the memory card with pictures for a lifetime!


I ended this experience with another representation from “Masca” Theatre, “We”, a thematic show that features the trip made to Alba Iulia by ten peasants one hundred years after the Great Union. Even if I didn’t understand completely their act, I enjoyed every costume that was impeccably executed and every dance that borrowed the beauty and the subtlety of the patterns of the peasant carpets.

Cristina Radu

Hi! I'm Cristina, I'm 23 years old and I live in Bucharest. I collect antiques, I love cats and I want to live in a castle in France.

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