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By Cristina Radu

In my last year of high school, at the exam session I had the opportunity to wrote my favorite Romanian book named “Enigma Otiliei”. And besides that, I wrote the same literary work at my final exam. How cool is that?

About the story

It was my favorite because it was an easy book about Felix, one of the main characters. He was moving in his uncle’s house, where Otilia, his cousin was living. Even if Costache, Felix’s uncle and Otilia’s stepfather, was a stingy man, Otilia convinced him that is his duty to accept Felix in their family. And in reality was his duty because he was receiving money every month for Felix needs.

Moving forward, Costache’s sister hated Otilia and all she ever wanted was to grab her brother’s money, because he had a lot of money from real estate. Felix fall in love with Otilia, but she left him, because in her opinion, he couldn’t fulfill her ideals in life and was better for him to stay away and continue his studies in medicine.

The story is more that that with a lot of strained moments, but we are here to talk about the comics release.

With a few hours before the event, I was thinking and rethinking about my decision to go there. I had never ever been at a comics release and I couldn’t imagine what kind of people are there and how everything will unfold. And that really scared me! But in the end, I chose to go because I could leave anytime if I wanted to.

About the release

I went to Filipinescu-Ceașiu house, the event location, with 5 minutes early. In my mind, the action was placed into a garden of a small house, full of vegetation and metal furniture. But the reality beat my imagination. The small house was transformed into a palace, and the garden into a modern attic.

The author, Mihai Grăjdeanu, was full of emotions when he talked about his work about comics, but he handled the situation successfully. My favorite fact was when he went to the students and said to them that they will have a test, and of course,they were really sad about it, but the whole situation changed when he told them that the test is about making comics.

I found out that are required 6 months of work to make an edition of comics. 6 months in which the author needs to read the novel, to read the literary criticism and to look at the movie if it exists. After that, he can begin the structuring process, the graphic process and the printing.

Even in Romania, the comics are not so popular than in other countries, those amazing people still doing it. They organize comics workshops and comics clubs. Also, they are constantly participating at festivals to promote their work. Also, the team tries to stable a small price of approximatively 15 lei (3 euros) and to do that they don’t put the product into the bookstore because of the high commissions that are applied.

It was a pleasure to be there, to meet so many talented people that are fighting for their dream, working 24/7, to support them and to go home with my first comics.

Cristina Radu

Hi! I'm Cristina, I'm 23 years old and I live in Bucharest. I collect antiques, I love cats and I want to live in a castle in France.

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