Creative Fest | 2018 Edition

By Cristina Radu

Friday. Everything I wanted was to lay in the bed and watch a good movie, but an unexpected call convinced me to go to the Creative Fest.

Creative Fest

The first thing I saw there, were the people! There were so many people! And the atmosphere was so dynamic and the place itself was emanating happiness. I was truly delighted that I have chosen to come in the first day of the festival. But in the same time I was mad because I couldn’t take my DSLR with me. Can someone explain me why I can’t enter with my DSLR at the festivals? I will be really grateful for the answer!

After I enjoyed my favorite songs from  “Suie Paparude”, I went straight to “Supa Dupa”! I am truly obsessed with the soup! So obsessed that for 2 years I ate same soup every day! Yes, I did it.

P.S. I still eat that soup, but not every day. Maybe twice a week.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted mushrooms soup, because mushrooms are my favorite! With croutons! I ordered and in the meanwhile I was waiting for Vlad Dobrescu, the owner of “Supa Dupa” and an amazing Romanian artist to come outside and take a picture. He is pretty amazing! Just search for him and tell me what you think!

My order was ready in no time and I ate it in no time! That, after I took a hundred photos of it! It was divine! Truly divine!


From some time, I have no expectations from DJs anymore. And is better like that! You can’t be disappointed, just surprised. And I was more than that at Rudimental! When I heard songs like “Waiting all night”, “Nobody to love” and “Louder” or “Gold Dust” or maybe both… I took my heart out of my chest and said, “Take it!”. Metaphorically, but I said it!

It was so fun at the Creative Festival, and although I was there just one day in three, I have no regrets!

What do you say? See you next time?

Cristina Radu

Hi! I'm Cristina, I'm 23 years old and I live in Bucharest. I collect antiques, I love cats and I want to live in a castle in France.

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