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By Cristina Radu

I wanted so bad to go on the first day so that I shortened my vacation. It’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon and I’m at the entrance to Bucharest, ready for a new experience, CinePark.

Obviously, I got home and I wasted time. Now is 6 o’clock in the afternoon and I am sitting in the front of the wardrobe and I am thinking what to wear. I’m putting myself together! I’m choosing some comfy clothes, I’m catching my hair, I’m putting the blanket in the backpack and I’m going to Herăstrău park.

The location

It’s 7 o’clock in the evening and I’m at the Herastrau park, at the entrance Charles de Gaulle. The statues are inviting me into a mysterious world and they are also telling me that I am going to love what I will see next.

I’m going fast to lay the blanket and to watch the movie “Două lozuri” that I have never seen before. I like that the movie has English subtitle. So people that don’t understand the Romanian language can enjoy it too.

Although only a few minutes have passed and I like very much the movie, my elbows are really hurting me and I am wondering how it feels to stay on those gorgeous armchair provided by the organizers.  I will definitely found how it feels next time when I will be here at 5 o’clock when they are arranging it. Maybe I will help them to do it! I will do anything just to have one!I turn back on one side and on the other one and I’m seeing a lot of people with popcorn in their hands. Maybe you’re thinking that sounds cliché, but right now I’m going to get some popcorn.


In the area of the event, at the left and at the right are few food-trucks very stylish and ready to eat my wallet.  But right now I’m passing besides them and I’m going right to the popcorn store which is out of the area of event. They also have nachos! It’s a hard decision for me. And that because both look like they are going to expire soon. I’m choosing nachos. Small portion.

Now I am back on my colourfull blanket, I am watching the movie and I am thinking that I was right about the nachos.  Next time I will be there with my backpack full of chips and popcorn!

The movie is over and I’m trying to get an armchair because some people are leaving.

Well, I’ll remain at the trying part because others were faster than me. But I’m going fast to the” I, Bubble Waffle” to buy a marvel of theirs with OREO. I am pretty sure that they can offer me something fresher, better and more delicious that what I ate earlier.

My order is ready and now I am searching for a good place because the second movie is about to start. Life of Pi. I saw the trailer, but it didn’t impress me. Instead, a wave full of pleasure is passing through me because of this marvelous thing that I bought. The waffle is so fresh, with the ice cream that is really cold, with oreo and chocholate on top is making me forget where I am for a few seconds. This happens to me rarely. I don’t know how I did not find the “I, Bubble Waffle” until now, but I know that I will never miss them again.

The movie

The second movie is starting and I’m feeling disappointed. At the first movie I was so excited that had subtitle in English and now the subtitle is in Romanian? Unbelievable…

5 minutes later I start laughing, realizing that the movie is already in English and it doesn’t need the subtitle in English too.

The movie is now at the middle and I like so much! So so so much! I don’t know who did that trailer, but I know that it doesn’t represents even 10% of the emotion that the movie transmits. From the beginning I was captivated by the moment that the main character learned all the decimals of the mathematical constant π just to change his name from piss to pi, earning the respect of everyone too. I have never heard or meet in this life a child that wants something so bad and who is ready to fight for.

I am getting up and I’m realizing that my hand hurts me a lot because I was so focus on the movie and I forgot to move from time to time. I can’t say anything more than WOW. Life of Pi has surpassed any expectation I could ever have from a movie. Right now I just want to forget it! And that just because I want to be able to watch it again and feel exactly what I felt this time.

Impressions, conclusions

I put my blanket into my backpack and I’m ready to go home. I’m happy because it’s 10 o’clock in the evening and I have enough time to catch the subway. But before I go, I need to sit down on one of those armchairs that are free now. I’m sitting on it and… wow! To get from the blanket and numb hands to this heaven… So so so comfortable! Next time, I’ll be here at 5’oclock in the afternoon! For sure!

Now I’m at the subway and I’m feeling so happy because I can take it and so happy because I choose to come to the CinePark, an experience detached from the movies. I forgot to mention that when I was waiting for my order from “I, Bubble Waffle”, I took some photos and my look stopped at a blue blanket arranged in one corner full of roses like in the fairytales and my look also stopped at the couple that was on the blanket. They were so happy, as if they problems were left into their shoes that were sitting at each corner of the blanket. They were feasting one’s eyes upon, they were smiling and talking. I felt so glad to look at them and now I’m so ready to give them as an example whenever I have the opportunity.

Cristina Radu

Hi! I'm Cristina, I'm 23 years old and I live in Bucharest. I collect antiques, I love cats and I want to live in a castle in France.

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